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The key to winning in the global market is
“global standard DX”

The two most critical innovations for future business growth - “DX” and “globalization,” are moving at a snail’s pace in Japan. How can we break out of this dilemma that is unique to Japanese businesses and successfully implement DX as a global standard?
Wipro Japan K.K. is a company that is helping these struggling Japanese companies with DX from a global perspective. We will introduce the hidden capabilities of the company with its global track record of success, knowledge of technology and ability to make proposals.

Creating a pathway for Japanese companies to win on the world stage based on global DX knowledge

Mr. Takeuchi
It's been a long while since we heard the call to "promote DX," but surprisingly few companies are succeeding.
Where is the reason for this? And how do global companies look at Japan’s slow moving DX transition? We interviewed Mr. Tomoaki Takeuchi, the Country Head & Managing Director of Wipro Japan K.K., the Japanese subsidiary of Wipro Limited, an IT services giant headquartered in India, about the current state of the global standard DX.

DX is not always necessary for all Japanese businesses

Mr. Takeuchi
Country Head & Managing Director,
Wipro Japan K.K
Mr. Tomoaki Takeuchi

---- It is often said that DX (Digital Transformation (Experience)) in Japan has not made much progress. How do you see this current situation?

Takeuchi : Since several years ago, the entire IT industry certainly began to sing out-loud about DX. However, I do not believe that DX is necessarily “an urgent issue that all Japanese companies must address.” Businesses that need to support DX ---- are only those players that have a strong desire for growth and are looking to the global market beyond the shrinking domestic market. IT utilization and DX are like "a pass" for them to go through the gates for globalization.

If you are not equipped with a certain level of IT skills or haven’t enhanced DX, you won’t be able to reach the same stage of competition when dealing with global companies. In a sense, I believe that IT utilization and DX is one of the prerequisites for Japanese companies to compete on the global stage, or whether they can make it to the starting line.

But the gate pass needed for globalization does not guarantee success in the global market. Similarly, it does not mean your company business will grow significantly or the company products and services can be differentiated from others if DX is achieved. “Globalization” covers a wide range of areas, including globalization of human resources, globalization of products and services, and establishment of a global supply chain, but DX is just one tool for promoting these. However, we will not be able to promote globalization unless we implement IT at a global level.

---- What is the situation in India, where your company is headquartered?

Takeuchi :  By no means is the economy of the whole country globalized, except for the IT industry in India. It is a driver of the Indian economy and is positioned like the Japanese automobile industry. Every year, a huge number of highly motivated and talented young people are attracted to the IT industry, and they are aiming to go global from the beginning. IT has become a universal language, and if you learn and acquire skills firmly, you can basically find a job anywhere you go in the world. IT industry is like a door open to the world. Gaining IT skills is the first step to going global. This is a big difference from Japan.

Wipro’s strength to support a leading domestic medical device manufacturer for its globalization